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There are so many apps in this world right now that sometimes is very difficult to make a decision which one to use. We often spend much more time on managing them than actually benefiting from them.

I believe in minimalism when it comes to apps and tools. I learned from my own experience that the more we try to boost productivity the more we end up confused and anxious. Tell me if you ever read an article showcasing productivity tools and you felt like trying them all but ended up actually forgetting to use them after a few days?

Well, welcome in the club!

In this article, I show you what works for me but I encourage you to choose only those tools that you think will suit you the most. There is no one solution and we all have to find what works for us.

Time tracker – a productivity tool for small business

This is a tool I have been using constantly for years. I tried many different productivity-boosting applications but I quit most of them after a few days or weeks because they actually made the whole process less efficient. But the timer is something I’ve been married to since the day one. It has many benefits.

Obviously, it helps you to track how much time you spend on each task. You can check which assignments consume most of your time and if they’re really crucial to your business. Very often we put our energy in the wrong places. A time tracker can help you to change it.

The second great benefit of using a time tracker is making sure you don’t sit too much in front of the computer. It’s important to take regular breaks and timer can help you to see when it’s time to stand up and stretch your bones.

If you feel like a day is gone and you haven’t done anything, a time tracker can help you to actually check what’s going on with your routine. For me, it’s a big reliever and helps me to feel better about my performance.

Here are the time tracker tools that will help you to stay more productive while building your business

Toggl | Clockify | Getharvest

Calendar – an organization tool for small business

Nowadays we have an enormous number of tools to work with and manage daily tasks, but the calendar is always the number one for the well-organized business owners. The answer to the question, which calendar to choose is not easy. It starts with making a decision between a traditional, paper calendar, and an online version.

Both option have pros and cons.

A paper agenda helps you to memorize your tasks by writing them down on the piece of paper. It’s easier to review your tasks and track what you have achieved throughout the year. It also helps you to unplug in this overwhelmingly connected world.

An online calendar has it’s advantages as well. One of the biggest is the fact that you can sync all your plans and share them with others.

For me, a paper calendar is a winner because it’s easier for me to develop a habit of using it and also it helps me to focus. I had a problem remembering checking the online calendar and instead of saving the time I ended up wasting it by setting up the alerts, typing on my phone, and being distracted by other apps. A simple piece of paper definitely works better for me.

Automation tool – for small business

Time is money and sometimes small, shallow tasks can cost you much more than just wasted hours. We usually don’t realize that many of them can be actually automated. That’s how you can win some extra minutes and spend them on deep work or quality time with family and friends.

Some of the automation tool for your small business

Zapier | Microsoft Flow | Workato

Project management tools for small business

We waste a lot of time and energy on going back and forth with messages and this can cause us serious problems. Studies say that people who are consistently distracted by emails and messages are less productive. We live in the world saturated with information and our poor brain is not able to process it. Project management tools help you to limit the time spend on unproductive messaging, searching through correspondence trying to find the necessary info. These tools are made to help you move with your daily tasks and communicate with partners and coworkers without getting distracted.

Project management tools that can help you to manage task in your team

Asana | Slack | Trello

Airtable – content planning tool for small business

It’s a spreadsheet on speed. I started to use it recently and I haven’t used all of its magic features, but it’s a software that will help you with planning your tasks and collaborating with other people on your team. I use it for content planning. It allows you to set up the formulas to make the process more automated and save precious time.

What I love about is not only great UI but also their prebuilt templates that help you to start planning and move with your work right away.

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Paper Planner

I am a traditionalist when it comes to planning and paper planner is a big part of my daily routine. It helps me to have an overview of my achievements. I have a strategic approach to planning and I like to be constantly reminded about my goals.

Want to know more about strategic planning? Read this article.


Do you also save many links for later and then forget that you actually promised yourself to check them out. I save so many of them in the browser and then I forget to remove them. Frotuanetlly there are tools that can help you to organize them better.

One simple think that I did recently that change my life is putting all the essential tool in one folder so I don’t spend too much time on remembering the names and URL addresses. Now it seems so obvious, but it wasn’t before.

Raindrop | Evernote | Lasso


This tools is maybe not crucial to stay more productive, but it can help you to think more strategically about your goals. Miro is a tool for mind mapping. I use it when I work with my clients on brand strategy or web design. It helps us to see a bigger picture and understand the structure of the project.

Start building your brand with confidence

Brand strategy elements for creative business owners who want to build mighty brands and stay true to themselves.

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Hi, I'm Magdalena

Hi, I'm Magdalena

Brand Specialist

I am on a mission to empower small entrepreneurs in reaching their brand’s goals, connect with the right audience and stand out from the crowd. I use strategy and design to show their brand’s true potential.

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