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Personalised branding reflecting company’s mission

At last someone could tie all our elements into a design, it was amazing to see. Really!! I would say Magda’s strength lies in observation and empathy and then channeling these into creative designs.

~Joanna Smith, CEO Ock Pop Tok, Laos

Corporate Identity focused on the customer needs

A general aesthetics and detail oriented way of work are the most important elements of Coodo brand. Hence our expectations were high since very beginning. Magda was and still is fulfilling them in 100%.

~Beata Miros, Founder od Coodo, Poland

Branding reflecting brand’s core values

Identification is based on a combination of three elements – balance, joy and strength, which at the same time refer to the three main aspects that are influenced by practicing in a yoga studio – taking care of the mind, body and soul.

Branding that is in line with the audience expectations

The main aspects of building the image was to show the core values, reflecting the needs of the target group, understanding their problems, aspirations and the situation they are in. We decided to base communication on simplicity, a sense of comfort.

Agency? Let’s join the forces

If you are running an advertising agency or you need support for your marketing team, you are in the right place. Let’s join the force and fight deadlines together!

During her work Magdalena proved to be a very creative person. She works very well on her own, but is also a great team player. She has an ability to understand different concepts and clients’ demands.

~ Krzystof Ziomek, Orangeblue Agency, Poland

There are a lot of stereotypes about remote workers which can be easily avoided when you follow a few basic rules. When you manage to find the right person you will be able to enjoy all the benefits that they can bring to a table. But how to actually know if you really need to hire a freelancer?

How does the branding process look like?

There are a lot of stereotypes about remote workers which can be easily avoided when you follow a few basic rules.

How to work with a freelancer?

You want to work with a freelance brand designer? I want to help you to choose a right person.

Signs your company needs a brand designer

Providing meaningful content and using the right visual solutions will benefit your business in so many ways.