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Time is really important for all of us. We don’t like to waist it. We want efficient tools to manage our work and we want clear information which ones are the best. During the last few years I have tested many different software to help me to deal with day-to-day tasks. Some of them were totally unnecessary, some of them went through a test of time and totally nailed it.

Below you can find software that works for me.I am aware that we all have our habits and we have different needs. So feel free to share your thoughts.


Google Drive

There are few main reason why I love using Google Drive.

It makes sharing files much more easier and faster. You can keep all assets in one place and discuss projects with stakeholders in real time.

Automatic backups are useful option, so you don’t lose your files due to sudden computer crash or a simple human mistake. Majority of people use Google tools  in work or for private emails. Thanks to that you don’t have to convince your clients to start to use new software that they are not familiar with.



I have tested few different software for project management and Asana has served me the best.

It has more than 100 integrations – including Gmail, Google Drive, Dropbox and Office which makes it a fast tool when you have complicated work to do.

You can easily add deadlines and assign people to different tasks. It’s a great way to manage big assignments which involve multiple people.

As a visual person I pay a lot of attention to user interface. It should be intuitive and pleasant for an eye. And Asana is definitely fulfilling my expectations.




It’s such an integrated part of my everyday routine that I almost forgot to mention it. Wetransfer is important for those of you who send big files. Very easy to use (just a simple form), automatic notifications when the file was downloaded by recipient – there is nothing more to add. Simple as that!



This is the tool that I use the most in my work. It’s an online timer that helps you to track how much time you spend on each project. Thanks to that I know how to estimate time for future assignments and how much to charge. I also make sure I stay organized and keep balance between my administrative work and paid projects.


Google Calendar

I am very proud of how I manage my time and how I plan my day/week/month. I am not only serious about it but I also get very excited every time I can set up my workframe. I use Google Calendar to mostly manage my recurring tasks monthly and yearly. I get reminders about my running routines, language classes, administrative works, planning session and even lunch ( yep! ). This help me to put everything in frame and to not miss anything



I use book calendar for paid projects. Dynamic of my work requires instant changes. Using pen and paper help me to have overview on my week and I can add new tasks on the spot. I actually can cross out things I have done already and I’m able to move to the next position on the list. That’s how I know how much I accomplished and how much I still need to do. This makes me stay on track and keeps me more motivated.



I started to use this international account few years ago, but only when I got my debit card from them I made a full use of it. The amazing thing about this internet bank account is the fact that you can keep your money in three different currencies and pay really low fees for transfers. During my two month trip in Balkans, to countries outside the Eurozone I used it on daily basis and was able to save a lot of money on exchange rates.


Once again – these are tools that work for me in my freelance work. I like to keep it simple. Too many software can be destructing and you will probably spend too much time juggling between them. That’s why I chose necessary minimum and make the best out of them.

Do you have your favourite tools to manage your projects. Do you share them with your clients?

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Written by Magdalena

Written by Magdalena

Brand Specialist

I am on a mission to empower small entrepreneurs in reaching their brand’s goals, connect with the right audience and stand out from the crowd. I use strategy and design to show their brand’s true potential.

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