Munii – branding

Munii is a new polish brand focusing on baby accessories made of organic cotton. the brand focuses on high quality products, timelessness and modern design.

Core values

Simply brave.

Munii encourages parents to embrace the moment and focus on creating bonds and spend time together.  This everyday life is worth celebrating. The brand also focuses on minimalism, which helps to see small pleasures and concentrate on what is most important.

Brand for babies brand idenitity

Building a brand story

You’re good enough

For Munii comfort is not only the satisfaction that its products give but above all – assuring parents that they are good and valuable. Regardless of the problems and the small failures, the most important thing is that they are present. At every moment, Munii provides comfort. Is a partner that understands parents and their struggles.

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What the customer says

Magda helped us in developing the visual identity of the brand. Cooperation is pure pleasure and results that meet our expectations in 110% 🙂 She had a lot of helpful advice at every stage of preparation.

— Ewa, Munii



Brand image that makes you feel safe.

We decided to base communication on simplicity, modernity, a sense of comfort and safety. Bearing in mind the previous arrangements, we were able to create an image that corresponds to the needs of the audience. Naturalness and calmness are the main features of visual identity. Both the colours and imagery focus on minimalism and simplicity.


Brand strategy that helps design to glow.

The brand strategy, which was established at the very beginning of the work, allowed to create an identity that accurately reflects the needs and expectations of the brand’s audience and communicates using a coherent image of the brand’s objectives and mission.

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