Characteristic of the company

Wdech Studio is a new place on the map of  Warsaw focused on personalized aerial yoga and Pilates training.

The only boutique studio of its kind is dedicated to women who focus on self-development, are looking for a place with a unique atmosphere, want to take care of their body and mind. The company focuses on high quality services combined with experience in the field of aerial yoga and Pilates.

Objectives of branding

The main goal was to set up a visual strategy and design visual identuty based on a deep understanding of both business goals and the target group. In the design process we established the ideal customer profile, a pyramid of their needs and expectations towards the brand.

On this basis, an identification was created that reflects the nature of the company. Visual elements reflect the needs of the studio’s customers.

The visula identity has to suggest the exclusivity of the place, and at the same time create a warm and friendly feeling.

Main distinguishing elements designed in the process of creating the brand identity were aligned to the brand’s strategy .

About logo

The logo naturaly become one of the main distinguishing elements of the brand. The combination of lettering and organic shapes refers to delicate jewelry, which is a symbol of status, and at the same time worn close to the heart becomes an amulet. Shape also refers to the smooth movments of yoga practice and gentle, relaxed breath.


Wdech means’ inhale’ in Polish. Breath is the beginning and end of everything. It also has a very important role in the practice of yoga.

Identity is based on a combination of three elements – balance, joy and strength, which at the same time refer to the three main aspects that are influenced by practicing in a yoga studio – taking care of the mind, body and soul.

These three elements were shown by means of photographs and colors.

Muted pastel colors are supposed to reflect the character of the place. Create an image of a place where the clients are welcome to relax, calm down and take care of their needs.

Minimalist typography completes the whole without competing with visual elements.


Studio Wdech is a place on the map of Warsaw where every woman can feel comfortable and relax after a hard day of work. The company’s mission has been supplemented by clear strategy and comprehensive branding that will help in communication with a potential customer.


If you would like to see check more branding projects like this, contact me and  simply let me know what kind of projects you are interested in. I will send you my extended portfolio.