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When you start working with a designe you’d like to know how the logo design process looks like. Especially when you team up with a new freelancer you want to know what you can expect.

For me, before I even begin the work, I make sure my client know the design process. In my case is a simple 4-steps method that has worked perfectly in most cases. In the initial offer, I explain the action plan step by step, what the process includes and what is estimated delivery time for each milestone. This helps you to make the right decision and be sure we agree on basics before the first draft of the logo even will be created.

To help you to make the right decision, in this short article, I explain it step by step – how the basic logo design process looks like and what you can expect.

Knowing the client and objectives

Every designer appreciates when the first enquiry email contains a good brief and have all the details needed to prepare a quotation. But it’s understandable that when you’re just starting in business you may not know what kind of information you need to include. 

Worries not. If you missed some crucial info a good designer will send you an email asking all questions needed.

For a freelancer knowing who you are and what kind of project you want to launch is the first step to understand your the needs and objectives.


The most crucial stage of the project is good research. In a logo design process it’s a base for the future actions.

— 5Ws rule (Who, What, When, Where, Why)

Rule of Five Ws is a good starting point. I make sure I know who you are, what kind of project you’re interested in, when it should be launch, where it’s going to be displayed and why it’s actually going to be created.

But that’s not all.

For successful logo design, we need to know the characteristic of the market, target group – their needs, fears and values, how the logo will be used. Understanding that logo is made to identify your business among the right group of people is crucial. That’s why focusing on their expectation, not your personal preferences is very important.

logo design process


— Presentation – a logo design process foundation

The finish line of this milestone is gathering all information in a clear presentation where I showcase everything we learned so far. The prospectus is divided into a few short chapters.

Mood boards- finding the style

After we agree on all the information gathered in a research and discovery session, the next step in the logo design process is creating mood boards – inspirational boards that help to find the right style and tone of voice.

Every designer has a different way of presenting the ideas, but I like to use a landscape format that I learned from my favourite business design couch – Chris Do.  It creates an interesting narrative showing a customer avatar, logo inspirations, packaging ideas, colours and image fitting the style presented on the board.

In basic logo package, I show 3 versions of mood boards because I believe having a choice is crucial to make the right decision.

This stage helps you to see the possibilities behind the information gathered in the research. Many people have difficulties to talk about the project not seeing the examples. It’s important to give you references so we can easily say what could work and what we should avoid.

logo design


Logo and Key visuals

In a basic logo package, I present 3 versions of the mark presented in a wider context unisng key visuals. It’s important for me to show you a logo using mockups so you know right away how it’s going to look. This part of the logo design process is crucial to make my clients fall in love with the idea. The designs are based on the mood board that we chose in a previews step. That’s how I managed to lower the number of revisions and higher the number of happy customers :).

NOTE! This stage usually includes 5 rounds of revisions to the chosen design.

Manual and summery

Brandbook is crucial to keep your visual material consistent. Manual for a logo is made to make sure that your mark will be used in the same way on every project. That usually includes basic and alternative version (if applies), colourway, forbidden usage and smallest size of the logo. I also include information included previously in the presentation, so you can use it to build your distinctive brand identity.

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Written by Magdalena

Written by Magdalena

Brand Specialist

I am on a mission to empower small entrepreneurs in reaching their brand’s goals, connect with the right audience and stand out from the crowd. I use strategy and design to show their brand’s true potential.

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