When is it the time for a logo re-design?


There are many myths around what a good logo design means. Everyone seems to have their own opinion. Despite all these troubles, we can suspect when the logo doesn’t work. This might be a situation when you need a logo re-design.

I’ve started working as a graphic designer more than a decade ago and many times I’ve witnessed challenges that business owners encounter. Many of them decide to get a logo design and hope it will help them to grow faster. While a logo is not a solution for all the problems, indeed it can help to establish your position on the market.

But it’s hard to see a bigger picture and predict the future. That’s why after years of serving, our logo might need a makeover. That’s why in this article I’ll try to demonstrate few situations when we should look for a professional designer to help us with logo re-design

What is a good logo?

But first things first. This question has many different answers mostly because of all the misconceptions about good logo design. Many of us think that it has to look good and illustrate what we do. But the truth is slightly different. If we base our decisions only on personal preferences (what we like or dislike) we can end up changing our mind all the time depending on our mood or what other people tell us. The principals of good logo design are based on functionality and usability. A good logo has to be relevant, show the essence of our business, be simple but not generic. A logo has a function to identify your business and make it more memorable. That means taking a step back and looking at it from the distance may be the best way for you to make sure that it has all it takes to help your brand stand out.

Taking step back

After getting a new perspective on your logo design you can find out that actually the logo you have since 1998, does no longer serve you as it should. You’re still not sure what’s wrong but you can clearly see it doesn’t help you keep up with your strategy and doesn’t follow the changes that happen around us. So what could possibly be wrong, you may ask? Let’s see…

You need logo re-design when it’s outdated

A good logo should be timeless, but even the best designs go through lifting from time to time just to keep up with constantly changing reality. Following the trends could be one of the worse decision you can make creating a logo, but improving it according to your business and market needs can be something to consider.

Let’s take a look at the transition from the offline marketing digital. New tools forced brands to simplify their marks to make them look good on the screens. Further changes came with mobile devices. Well prospering company have alternative versions dedicated for small screen resolutions.

Some companies decide to make big changes and re-design logo to a totally new form. That is definitely a bold step that only a few can effort. For smaller brands, a good idea probably is to use small steps to introduce a new look.

You need logo re-design when it isn’t relevant

Many of us pay a lot of attention to logo design and it’s one of the first things we try to get when starting in business. Some people have a clear idea of what they need, some hire professional graphic designer, some ask family for a piece of advice. But developing your own brand is bumpy and full of unexpected turns. We learn a lot on the way. After a while profile of the company may change and we decide to serve a totally different audience.

Like I mentioned before, the logo has to show the essence of the company. If we change the audience we could realize that our logo doesn’t communicate anything to them. What is even worse, say something totally different than it should. In this situation, we probably could consider logo re-design.

Remember that it doesn’t have to be liked by every single person that sees it. It should show the character of your business, be memorable and usable.

You need logo re-design when it’s a real troublemaker

That happens often when we decide to design a logo by ourselves. We use free software, choose the images from the internet (not encouraging to do this at all). We are pretty happy with the result and what is important, we managed to save loads of money. But not taking care of basic technical aspects can actually cost us more then we save.

If you’re planning to use a logo on print assets, on textiles and digital materials not knowing the technical requirements it can cause you frustration and loads of money.

You need logo re-design when it’s too complex

That can cause more problems. Imagine a highly detailed logo to be embroidered in a small size on a piece of fabric. That’s the good quality check for your design. That can easily show if it’s simple enough to handle different ways of exploitation. All the details have to be clear and readable even in small size.

So what does it mean too complex:

  1. it has too many details,
  2. elements are too small,
  3. has too many colours or complicated gradient.

While working on a mark some designers add alternative versions to make it look good in small size – just in case logo is more complex.

We should remember: Good design is not about adding more elements. It’s all about taking away and leaving just what is really important.

You need logo re-design when doesn’t follow your company development

If you didn’t invest in a good designer that is able to predict how the logo can be used in the future you may face the problems when the structure of your company becomes more complex. Your company have grown but your logo design is not flexible enough to consistently differentiate all the aspects of your business.

When starting designing a logo we should take into consideration the possible growth of the company. But sometimes the evolution is beyond our expectations and we end up with a logo which is hard to adapt to new requirements. That might be a sign that you should rethink the mark and decide on logo re-design.

Fedx is a good example of logo design that was created in a way that allowed to build an alternative version for every branch of the company.

Changing your logo and fitting to a new reality should be done in a highly thoughtful way.  Remember all marks have to be consistent and easily recognizable.

When we care about our visual representation we want all elements to reflect our business in the best possible way. Taking a closer look at your logo design may benefit your business. Logo re-design is a big step but an important way to show your customers that you are up to date.

Do you think of logo re-design to follow your brand tsrategy? Contact me. 

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Hi, I'm Magdalena

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