Feel empowered and build your brand with confidence with:

Brand strategy

Action plan to empower your brand and build a relationship with your audience.

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Brand Identity

Next step to differentiate your brand, position it on the market, and attracts the right clients.

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From user experience, design to copywriting and SEO to give your brand extra exposure and attention.

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What’s brand strategy and why you need it

Brand strategy is an action plan that helps you to achieve your goals and make your brand more successful. During strategy sessions, you will clarify your business goals and motivation which will help us to move forward. We will work on finding your audience and ideal customer, brand values, character and tone of voice. We will understand the specifics of the market and competitors and how to make your brand stand out.

Brand strategy

Extra support to power up your brand

Before: You have an amazing business idea and product but are not quite sure how to reach the right audience. You want to create a strong brand and run a business in an authentic way aligned with its DNA.

After: You have a clear vision of your brand. You understand the audience and their expectations. You’re confident and ready to show your brand to the world. You know what to do to gain more exposure and reach more people who will love your brand.

  • Free consultation

  • Audit of your brand

  • 10h of strategy sessions

  • Working one-on-one

  • Clearing up your goals and understanding the challenges

  • Focus on your brand’s core values, archetype, positioning, audience needs and expectations, market and competitors,

  • Report handed to you at the end that helps you to stay on track while carrying the plan out.

  • 1 month follow up support

Brand identity

Brand identity that stands in line with your business goals and strategy

Before: You know your brand is special and you want others to notice it too. You want to give your brand extra exposure with the look that resonates with the right audience.

After: You understand your goals, market, and audience. You have a clear vision and a strong voice. Your brand stands out and attracts the right customers. It looks professional and trustworthy.

  • Free consultation

  • Audit of your brand

  • 10h of strategy sessions / or 5h discovery session

  • Working one-on-one

  • Design that stands in line with the strategy

  • A clear working process that helps us achieve the right look

  • Fully customizable offer according to your brand’s needs

  • 1 month follow up support

What’s brand identity and why you need it


Brand identity is a visual representation of your brand. It helps you stand out from the crowd and attract more clients. It includes all graphic materials you use to better communicate with your audience. That can include a logo, social media images, pictures or a website. Every brand is different, that’s why the offer is fully customized according to your needs.



Audit for your brand

The perfect option if you need help to solve pending problems. The audit helps you to understand the root of the problem and find ways to improve. Perfect for you if your brand doesn’t attract the right audience, you have problems clarifying your message or you simply want to know what you can improve in your online presence.

  • 60 min call about challenges you’re facing

  • Audit of your brand that helps address, understand and find the right solutions to your brand’s problems.

  • Report sent to you and 60 min summary call.

Website for brands

Give your brand extra boost and start being recognizable online

I work with specialists in different fields to help you to launch your brand and become present in the online market.

That includes web design, web development, copywriting, SEM and SEO. 

What happy customers say

It was because of Magda that I was able to explore the true potential of my project. Now this project has developed into a business with its own brand identity, has new and returning clients, and it’s growing. 

– Junaid

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