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Creative personal branding (CPB) is a method created by Jürgen Salenbacher – teacher, coach on personal development. He helps people to find their own space in this world, to understand where they stand and what they can offer to the modern market.

His book Creative Personal Branding. The Strategy to Answer What’s Next is full of advice for creative people who want to grow and take care of their self-development. It’s a result of 8 years working as a mentor. Author has gathered all his experience to help people achieve their goals.

What and for who is personal branding?

End of last year I attended small workshops ran by Daria Vodopianova and Sebastian Nunez on the importance of personal branding. The session took place at CRU Coworking Space in Porto. We talked about how important it is to ‘put yourself out there’ and to stop hiding behind your company’s name.

I already had a domain with my name back then and even Facebook page and Instagram account, but I’ve never thought to actually show who I really am. As a designer, I felt that the most important is to show my skills and work. Because let’s get real, clients don’t care about anything else…


But clearly, I underestimated the power of personal branding.


Personal branding is what people think about you what they say behind your back. It’s how you interact with others in your personal and professional life. What you share and what you show. Surprisingly it’s not only for business owners or entrepreneurs. It’s almost for every single person.

Let’s put it that way. They’re millions of people who know the same things, have the same skills and who do similar stuff. But what differentiates you from others is your personality.


Your clients want to work with people who they connect with, who they like, and with who they share the same values. And you are the only one that can fulfil these needs.


Power of adaptation in personal branding

According to Darvin’s evolution theory, only species who are able to adapt will survive in this world. Not the strongest ones, not the most intelligent. How accurate it is in the business world, isn’t it?

In the polish coastal town when I was born, the economy was always based on family-run businesses. Just a few years ago, when big corporations saw a big potential in this famous summer resort, things started to change.

Since they opened their big, cheap markets and their luxury hotels many small businesses had to close their doors. The people who proudly have run their shops for decades had to go work for someone else in a corporate environment.

I observed the slow death of independent business that didn’t know how to keep the clients even though they already had their trust, they had relationships with them. But they weren’t ready, they weren’t able to adapt.

Could they avoid it? Could they do something and survive? We will never know for sure, but Salenbacher draws attention to the fact that ability to predict the future and being ready to adapt is one of the most important aspects of surviving in this constantly changing world.

Creative Personal Branding – The Methodology from CPB-lab by Jürgen Salenbacher on Vimeo.


Thinking long term is the key to success. And to find long term solution we need to be creative. Creative personal branding helps people to establish themselves on the market and to find out what to do next.


Successful personal branding – knowing who you really are

According to some statistics, most of the millennials will have more than 10 jobs before their even turn 38 years old. I mean jobs with a different knowledge base, with a different skill set. Other predictions say that we’ll have more freelancers who will need to be flexible enough to fit in the ever-changing market.

How to keep up with all of it and won’t be crushed by an avalanche of changes?

Steinbacher seems to have an answer. Have a strategy! But to have a strategy you need a self-reflection, what you want, what you can? Only then you can come up with the idea of what to do next.


A strategy based on your personality – strength and weaknesses – will help you to build a career and achieve personal fulfilment.


Knowing who you are, what people think and talk about you when you’re not in the room can help you to make a bigger impact, understand yourself more and position yourself in the business world. This reflection is called Creative Personal Branding (CPB)


creative personal branding in career

Who can benefit from personal branding?

In my opinion not only people who run their own business, not only creatives but also people who look for a job and planning to climb the career ladder.

Nowadays is a matter of survival – to stand out, to create a strong image of who you are.


If you want to know more about other aspects of branding, read this article on why your company needs a corporate identity.


creative personal branding by SalenbacherAnd if you are interested in diving deep in the topic of creative personal branding go and read this book.


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Written by Magdalena

Written by Magdalena

Brand Specialist

I am on a mission to empower small entrepreneurs in reaching their brand’s goals, connect with the right audience and stand out from the crowd. I use strategy and design to show their brand’s true potential.

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