Who can benefit from hiring a freelancer?

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You need to bring a new designer on board but you’re still not sure whether hiring a freelancer is a good investment for your business? You’re not the only one who struggles to make this decision.

There are a lot of stereotypes about remote workers which can be easily avoided when you follow a few basic rules. When you manage to find the right person you will be able to enjoy all the benefits that they can bring to a table. But how to actually know if you really need to hire a freelancer?

Since I’ve started working as a freelance graphic designer a few years ago there has been a big shift towards remote work. But despite its growing popularity, it’s clear that some employers still are not sure if hiring a freelancer is a good choice. That’s why in this short article I explain who can benefit from it.


Agencies – get support for your team

For years I’ve been working with advertising and brand agencies. I help them manage artworks for the main clients. I work on brand identity, marketing materials and web designs. For some of these companies, it’s hard to predict how much work they’re going to have in upcoming months. So hiring extra in-house designers can be a risky move for them. In this case, they end up being overloaded with tasks. But getting in touch with a reliable freelancer can make their work smoother and faster.

Check how I work with agencies to support their creative process

Take away for agency owners.  Hiring a freelancer can:

  1. Lower your costs,
  2. Make the work smoother and faster,
  3. Show a new creative perspective,
  4. Generate more ideas which help to win more clients,
  5. Help to manage small tasks so your creative team have more time for really important projects.

freelance designer for small business

Freelancers for small businesses

You’re running a small business and you struggle with a lack of budget. You’re short on time. You’re switching from one task to another. You’re wearing many hats and that lowers your productivity. In this situation, it can be hard to find time and energy for things that are really crucial for your business. On top of that hiring someone in-house can be an expensive investment that your small business can struggle to afford.

Working with a freelancer gives you the comfort of having someone who will take care of all your marketing needs but without spending a fortune on tax, insurance and equipment. While your freelancer working at his or her house you can finally focus on your business development.

The flexibility of this kind of collaboration is also important to mention. You pay for work that has been done and you hire when it’s convenient for you.

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Take away for small business owners.  Hiring a freelancer can:

  1. Help you to focus on your business development,
  2. Lower your costs,
  3. Give you extra expertise and specialistic knowledge,
  4. Save you loads of time,
  5. Save office space,
  6. Help you to be more productive.

freelancers for startups

Freelancers for startups

Hiring a freelancer can help startups to scale faster and lower their costs. When you make big investments and make some risky moves in the business world you don’t want to hire too many people. I understand that! Before you are even sure you need in-house graphic designer, you can check freelancers first. This short term commitment helps you to stay on the safe side and still move your business forward.

Take away for startups.  Hiring a freelancer can:

  1. Boost your productivity,
  2. Stay on the safe side with hiring new people,
  3. Give you more time to get to know your needs better,
  4. Fast forward your development with less risk.

freelance designer for agencies

Helps big players with big needs

For those who run a corporation, hiring freelancers can help their full-time employees and ease their process. Finding a freelance junior designer who will take care of small tasks let the team focus on really important things. But corporations won’t only benefit from hiring beginners. High skilled freelancers, with years of experience, can cover your company’s needs on many different levels. Having a fresh pair of eyes will motivate them to look at the challenges from a new perspective.

Take away for corporations.  Hiring a freelancer can:

  1. Helps your team to focus on important tasks
  2. Give you a new perspective
  3. Makes your work more efficient
  4. Gain extra experience and opinions

Companies with irregular workflow

No matter whether you run bigger or smaller business you need graphics support only from time to time. A freelance designer is an option for you as well. You don’t want to hire an extra person just to make a few designs per month and who will spend the rest of the time scrolling through Facebook. At the same time, you value great visuals and communication on the highest level. You want your brand to look professional, be consistent and recognisable. For this, you need someone who will take care of the professional image of your brand.

A freelance designer can help you to achieve this goal with much lower costs in the most efficient way.

Take away for these with small needs.  Hiring a freelancer can:

  1. Gain a professional look
  2. Make your communication more consistent
  3. Help you to be more productive and efficient


I truly believe that freelance and remote work is the future.  While for some of you the decision is not easy I’m sure finding the right person to support your action can be beneficial for all kind of organizations. Many of my clients were hesitant, but once they start to work with me, most of them appreciate the power of having reliable freelancer on board and keep coming back.

And what’s your experience? Have you ever worked with a freelance designer before?

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Written by Magdalena

Written by Magdalena

Brand Specialist

I am on a mission to empower small entrepreneurs in reaching their brand’s goals, connect with the right audience and stand out from the crowd. I use strategy and design to show their brand’s true potential.

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