Brand Strategy

Create an unforgettable experience for your guests

Build a purpose-driven travel or hospitality brand with a clear action plan and a unique design. 

Do any of these things stop you from growing a powerful travel/hospitality brand?

You have an amazing business idea, but are not sure how to start your journey,

You are struggling to grow a tribe of true fans and returning guests,

You waste a lot of money and time on unsuccessful marketing campaigns.

The Brand Empowerment Strategy Program for small business owners who want to grow powerful travel and hospitality brands

Clear plan and satisfaction

Organize your ideas and goals. Know where to start and how to achieve satisfaction from growing an authentic and powerful travel brand.

Unforgettable experience

Attract people who appreciate what you have to offer, stay relevant to their needs, make them fall in love with your brand, and turn them into returning guests.

Your place on the market

Understand your competition and show the unique spirit of your business. Navigate through a noisy market with confidence. Become recognizable and memorable.

Benefits for you:

Find your why

Get to know your mission and purpose and learn how to use them to attract the right audience,

Communicate better with your audience

Find out what your brand’s unique assets are and how to shape the right message to attract the guests,

Understand your business enviroment

Learn about the market, and differentiate yourself in a rapidly growing business environment,

plan the future

Continue growing your powerful brand with a consistent long-term journey plan.

Brand strategy and design

What The 1-on-1 customized Brand Strategy Program includes:

Audit of your brand

Understand your current situation and what you can do to improve it,

Online Strategy sessions

10 hours fully customized, 1-on-1 online strategy sessions aligned with your business needs,

Audience and market research

Based on your ideal customer characteristics and brand positioning,

Materials and exercises

Consolidating the knowledge to make the branding process natural and smooth in the future,

1 month of development support

After finishing the strategy sessions, I support you in the process of implementation,

A Strategy report

A strategy guidebook at the end of our collaboration, giving you a complete action plan to start growing your brand in the comprehensive and consistent way, covering your target group, communication, marketing tools and more.

How to join The Brand Strategy Program

Book a free consultation

Use the form below and schedule your free meeting.

Let’s talk

During a free consultation, we talk about your challenges and plans

Grow your brand

We work hand in hand to create a brand that stands close to your values.

Empowering Strategy Packages


Brand Strategy Package


  • Brand audit
  • Brand purpose, mission and vision
  • Target group 
  • Brand distinguish elements
  • Product and offer analysis
  • Brand archetype
  • Brand positioning
  • Language, tone of voice,
  • Mood boards
  • Session summaries and brand guidebook
  • One month development support
  • Additional materials and exercises
  • Brand roadmap
  • Contact and support between sessions





Strategy and Design Package


  • Brand audit
  • Brand purpose, mission and vision
  • Target group
  • Brand distinguish elements
  • Product and offer analysis
  • Brand archetype
  • Brand positioning
  • Language, tone of voice,
  • Mood boards 
  • Logo design
  • Social Media Package
  • 2 marketing materials of your choice
  • Colours, Typography, Key Visuals
  • Brand Book
  • Session summaries and brand guidebook
  • One month development support
  • Additional materials and exercises
  • Brand roadmap
  • Contact and support between sessions




Why working with me?

I use my experience from the travel and hospitality industry to help courageous people like you empower their brands, create an unforgettable experience for their guests, and grow a business that reflects their values.

International experience

For over 15 years I've been helping brands from all over the world become more visible and gain new customers.

Design and marketing united

I combine strategy, marketing, and design to design high-quality websites and brand identities for your travel business.


You're actively involved in the process of creating your brand image, therefore after we finish working together, you're already onboard and ready to take meaningful actions.

brand strategist

Here are some frequently asked questions

What is a brand strategy?

It’s an action plan based on your goals. It gives you an idea how to get where you want with your business. Every strategy is different and is built based on your, and your guests, needs. It helps you to show your brand in the right light, so it attracts the right clientele.

How do I know The Program is for me?

The Brand Strategy Program is dedicated to small and medium business owners  in the travel and hospitality industry. It’s for you if you’re just starting, you consider updating/changing your strategy, you exist on the market for a while, but you don’t have any plan how to grow your business. 

How do the sessions look like?

Each session takes around 60-90 minutes, during which I ask you questions that I will use to create a final strategy report for you. You will also be asked to do some exercises and tasks during and in between sessions. After each session, you will get a short summarizing report.

How long it takes to finish the program?

The Program includes 10 h of 1-on-1 sessions that can be completed within a month after we start working together. You can schedule the session based on your agenda. Don’t forget that the topics we discussed during the sessions need some time to sink in, so it’s a good idea to take a few days between each session to absorb the information. 

Is it possible to meet offline?

Yes, if you’re based in Porto/Portugal area, it’s possible to meet offline. I can always travel to your location after we agree on additional cost and time.

What if I have no time to implement the strategy?

After the sessions, you receive a full strategy report that you will use to build your brand in a comprehensive way in the future. Remember that implementing strategy takes time and effort. Without utilizing the information from the report and what you learned during our sessions, you won’t be able to see the results.

What is a return policy?

After the payment, you have two weeks to schedule your first session. The sessions have to be finished within a month.

Before we begin our session, you have one week to change your mind. In this case, you will receive a full refund. 

If you withdraw from the program after this period without starting it, you will receive 70% of what you paid. 

In addition, you can withdraw from the program at any point after we begin working together. You will be charged only for the work we have done in this case.


How do I know the Program works?

In the very beginning with set up your goals, and we build strategy focusing on them. It means that you will know if the strategy succeed observing if achieved your goals.   Consider that your results might take time – a strategy is more like a marathon than a sprint.

What after the program?

After finishing the program you will have all necessary information how to present your business online and offline, how to speak with your clients and how to stand out on the market. In the price of the program you get 1 month implementation support which means you can ask me questions about your strategy and how to use it. You can also hire me to create your website, social media template or content for your marketing materials.