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brand archetype webinar

A free webinar and quiz

Discover your unique travel brand archetype.

Build a more consistent and recognizable brand that resonates with your guests with these free tools.

Show guests your uniqueness

Archetypes are one of the simplest and effective way to ensure consistency and help your audience establish an emotional bond with your brand. 

This free archetype webinar can save you time and money on reinventing your brand each time you have to write a social media post, e-mail, or create visual material for your business.

brand archetypes cards

Who can benefit from the free archetype webinar?

archetype for small business

Small Business Owners

You run a hotel, guest house, campsite, restaurant, café, or bar.

brand archetype for the freelancers


You are a tour guide, trip advisor, travel agent, chef or entertainer.

brand archetype for createive teams

Creative Teams

You work with travel and hospitality sector creating branding or strategy.

Check more tools that help you to discover your brand archetype

Along with access to a free webinar, you receive materials that will assist you in the process of working on your own set of brand archetypes.


You will discover how to use brand archetypes to grow your travel and hospitality brand. You will learn how successful brands use the same tools to make their communication more effective and consistent.



Answer a few questions about your brand and discover your unique brand archetypes set. You can use it to establish better communication with your audience and generate more sales.  Check the quiz now…

Cheat-sheet cards

After completing the quiz, you will receive cheat-sheet cards with your archetype’s unique assets. You can keep them at hand to create all written and visual marketing materials.

What you’re going to learn during the webinar

What are brand archetypes?

You will gain knowledge about the origins of brand archetypes and why it’s important for your small travel brand

How to use them

How to find your brand archetypes and how many archetypes you should use, How to apply them in your marketing materials.

How does they help your business

How does it help you in building your marketing materials, and when to use it

How others use them

I will also discuss a few examples of archetypes and talk about interesting case studies, I will show you how big brands use it to keep their image inline.

How to discover your archetype

I will introduce you to a free quiz that I developed for travel brands like yours to assist them in finding the right archetypes.