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Start elevating your guests’ experience with this step-by-step online challenge!


Striving for improving your guests’ experience?

As a travel/hospitality business owner, you care about your customers’ satisfaction and want to create an unforgettable experience for them. You know that this is how you win their trust and loyalty. That’s why you constantly see new ways to improve your offer.

If that sounds just like you this challenge is for you!

customer experience challenge

Join GX online challange now!

These evergreen e-mail materials will give you clarity and help you to establish a closer relationship with your audience.

  Use the form to add your e-mail to the waiting list.

  Follow instructions in the e-mails

  Answer the questions and fill the blueprints

  Implement and improve your strategies

travel hospitality customer experience

You’re not sure if the challenge is for you?

Did you know that 66% of consumers would pay more for products or services from brands that understand their needs? 25% will pay 10% more if they are provided with an excellent service.

Don’t wait for a bad review or another high season. Take action now and start to improve your tactics and processes.

This is how the 5-day GX Online Challenge helps you to elevate your customer experience:


Teaches you how to address your guests’ real needs,


Helps to audit your current customer experience strategy,


It aids you in making business decisions based on the facts, not on assumptions,


Helps you to predict and avoid costly surprises.

What the 5-day GX Online Challenge includes

E-mail guidelines

You get all the materials straight to your inbox.


Simple introduction to a complexity of brand strategy.

Materials and exercises

Each e-mail contains blueprints or excercises.


You have an access to all the materials anytime and you can use them in the future to audit your guest experience.


You can contact me during the challange and ask additional questions
(until end of May 2022).


In the end of the challenge you recive exclusive offer.

What is guest experience?

Guest experience or customer experience is a big part of your marketing strategy. Shortly is how your business engages with the visitors and how it takes care of their needs. GX is a sum of actions and interactions.

Why should I care?

Investing in your guests’ experience shows that you know their needs and care about their satisfaction. It can win their trust and loyalty. Happy customers are the best ambassadors of your brand and can bring more potential visitors. Word of mouth is proven to be one of the best marketing tools.

What does it take to build an excellent guest experience?

Investing your time and effort into building an outstanding GX can bring you more revenue and more returning clients. But to do it right you need to look at your brand from a wider, long-term perspective. Don’t worry GX challenge will guide you through this process.

Where to start building GX more consciously?

You’re in a good place. This 5-day challenge is an excellent starting point to change your brand forever. Use the form above and start your journey now.

Hi! My name is Magda.
I’m brand designer and strategist.

I use my experience from the travel and hospitality industry to help courageous people like you to empower their brands, create an unforgettable experience for their guests, and grow a business that reflects their values.

International experience

For over 15 years I’ve been helping brands from all over the world become more visible and gain new customers.

Design and marketing united

I combine strategy, marketing, and design to design high-quality websites and brand identities for your travel business.


You’re actively involved in the process of creating your brand image, therefore after we finish working together, you’re already onboard and ready to take meaningful actions.

brand strategist