Online brand consultation and coaching sessions

for small business owners in the tourism and hospitality industry.

The process of creating a strong travel brand doesn’t have to be a solo journey.

Get laser-focused help

Solve your business problems with 1-on-1 coaching sessions tailored to your needs.

Take it to the next level

Get yourself ready to take action in order to achieve your business goals.

 Exactly how you need

Choose the hourly package based on your current needs and expectations.

brand strategist

Are you overwhelmed by the world of strategy and design?

Having trouble building your travel or hospitality brand? Looking for guidance on how to stay on top of the rapidly changing market?

Our coaching journeys are designed to help you work through pending problems and clarify concerns about strategy and design.

1-on-1 branding and strategy journeys are organized according to your needs and challenges

When you feel puzzled by your business ideas,

When you don’t know if you make the right choices,

When you think about re-branding your business.

When you feel there is something missing in your strategy.

When you seek laser-focused help that will put you back on track. 

When you are ready to make progress and take confident action towards your goals.

brand strategy coaching

Here is who can benefit from brand coaching journeys:

Small business owners who want to grow and elevate their game.

Tour guides, chefs, or agents wishing to build a personal brand,

Guesthouse, hostel, restaurant owners feeling stuck, unmotivated, and clueless,

Creative teams working on brand identities for their clients.

travel branding coaching

Keep up with the new reality

Currently, the travel and hospitality industry is going through some crucial changes. The new reality has left many business owners feeling lost and unsure of how to navigate the new reality.

These coaching journeys can help you to get a better understanding of the newest market trends, get clarity about how to use your unique assets to build stronger connections with your guests, or how to make the right choices that serve your brand long-term. The options are endless.

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Where to start?

You’re already one step closer to your new, better brand. Pick one of the packages below. Before the first session, I’ll ask you a few questions to better understand your situation and tailor the journey to your needs. You’ll be able to schedule each meeting using an online calendar.

You don’t need any special program to join the journey. I use Google Meet that allows you to easily connect with me with a single click.

Mini journey

Single session

This 1.5h single session is a perfect option if you need a quick push to solve a pending problem.

120 EUR

Medium journey

3 sessions

This package of 3 x 1.5h session is great for you if you want to dive deeper into building your brand.

299 EUR

Maxi journey

5 sessions

5 x 1.5h  is an ideal option if you want to grow your brand in a more comprehensive way.

488 EUR

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