5 sustainable brands you should follow right now


I’ve wanted to start this series already some time ago and it’s finally happening. Once a month I will showcase purpose-driven brands that are worth following. It will include sustainable, eco-friendly, vegan, family-run companies that I adore for their mission and ethical approach to business.

Do you like the idea? Submit your favourite brands and help me to build this series.

The Other Straw

Our mission is to make the world a more sustainable place. We do this by creating reusable and ethically-made products that help people to live a less wasteful lifestyle.

This Australian brand was founded in 2018 and since then has sold almost 100k bamboo straws. The personal experience of the founders was an inspiration behind creating theotherstraw – eco-friendly product that helps to fight ocean pollution.

Every year 80 milion tones of plastic waste ends up in our oceans and straws are one of the most popular item that you can find on the beaches worldwide. One plastic straw can take houndrads or even thousands of years to decompose and the impact it has on environment is deadly.

thetherstraw is made of bamboo – one of the fastest-growing plants that absorb greenhouse gases. It absorbs carbon dioxide and releases up to 35% more oxygen than trees.

Learn more about the brand and how the company fight with plastic pollution.


The personal story was an inspiration to start this eco-friendly sneaker brand. When the future founders of Veja audited the Chines factory for one of the high-end Franch brands was shocked by the living conditions that they saw there. They felt motivated to make a change and decided to put the effort into creating a sustainable product that is iconic to our generation.

To make them more affortable they relocate the advertising busgets (that are often 70% cost of the product) to production and people who make them.

What I love about the approach, is that they share every mistake and the situations for the improvement on their website – total transparency.

Listen to their inspiring story

Mahla Clothing

I love their colorful clothes and their approach to production. This Denmark based brand uses mix of recycled and natural materials and create look inspired by streetwear with the Nordic twist.

Tytti Sofia Hongisto – founder of the brand has a mission to create more sustainable products and support the slow fashion movement.

After I saw how much waste there was generated even in small scale productions, I wanted to make a difference and find ways to minimize the wastage, and transform others waste into something people would value and cherish

Make sure you check the whole story behind Mahla Brand

Native Shoes

We choose to be kind, to all kinds.

I use Natives for years now and tehy’re always my first choice when it comes to shoes. It started with their iconic sneakers made of EVA rubber-like material that were my best friends during travels in South East Asia. I love their designs and their mission and now they also open their new recycling project where they want every single pair to be reused.

Read more about their purpose

The Simple Folk

Founded by two friends is a natural clothing brand for kids. Like many small businesses, The Simple Folk was inspired by the founders’ personal experience and lack of similar products on the market. From the love to natural fabric and nature. Quoting the founders

The Simple Folk is our minimalist line of nature-inspired, ethical, organic, and high-comfort play clothes that are easy to wear, easy to wash, and easy on the senses, so they can support your children for years to come.

As a person who doesn’t have kids I love their aesthetic, naturlaity and simple joy of life. But the brand is even more

Read more about their process

This article is not sponsored. My mission is to share the stories on small businesses that can be inspiration for change. If you know a brand that fits in the profile leave the link to their page in the comment and write a few words why should I include it in the article.

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Hi, I'm Magdalena

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