Nomadic Munchers – brand strategy

Client: Nomadic Munchers Country: Portugal Year: 2019-20

Scope: Brand Strategy, communication strategy, branding, website

The starting point


Nomadic Munchers started as a pop-up kitchen project delivering delicious Pakistani food to the customers in the Porto area. As a new initiative, it needed well-deserved recognition in the highly saturated market.

Restaurant, bar branding and strategy


Friendliness, uniqueness and awareness

The main objective was to build the awareness of the brand among the right audience, to understand who they are and what they need, and find the assets to create a strong position in the local market. 

brand strategy hospitality


Connecting people through social food events

By understanding the target group we managed to create a space for open-minded people from different walks of life – locals, and expats – who want to connect around a table full of exotic flavors. 
The different event concepts allowed Nomadic Munchers to reach people with different preferences united by curiosity, an open mind, and the urge to learn and explore.

brand strategy - food and beverage


More customers within couple of months.

Within a couple of months, Nomadic Munchers gained new customers and followers, found an interest in new business partners, and tripled its revenue.

The brand strategy followed by professional branding and website, helped Nomadic Munchers to grow and build the brand’s awareness in the local market.

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