The main objective of the re-branding was to improve communication between the enterprise and clients by telling the story and exposing its social mission.
Ock Pop Tok – branding
Ock Pop Tok is a social enterprise located in Lao PDR. They provide job opportunities for women from local tribes and work on preserving their heritage. On top of that, OPT owns three stationery shops, provides room rentals, runs two cafés, and organizes workshops for people who want to learn more about traditional Lao crafts.

Take aways:

Year: 2016-17
Client: Ock Pop Tok
Country: Laos
Scope: re-branding, marketing materials, logo design,
Multiple brands one mission.
With five different brands and 3 different locations scattered around the city, the main challenge was to combine them under one umbrella. Together with the client, we had to deeply understand the connections between them and find a common thread that will be easy to understand for tourists visiting the city of Luang Prabang.
Inspired by tradition and nature.
Vivid hues are a big part of OPT’s world. Inspired by natural dyes and handwoven fabrics it gave new branding modern, rustic. The logo refers to traditional Lao motives. Each location got its own color palette and supporting elements.
Brand design close to company’s DNA
The new corporate identity not only gave the company a better, more professional look but also helped to organize its communication, made its mission more accessible and transparent. A few months of intensive work showed how strongly the design is rooted in the company’s DNA and how important it is for their development.