Brand focusing on accessories for babies made of organic cotton. It offers high-quality products, timeless and modern design.
Munii - branding
Munii encourages parents to embrace their role and focus on creating strong family bonds. Minimalism seen in their products is a reflection of what Munii and their audience value the most – simplicity, slow life and comfort.

Take aways:

Year: 2019
Client: Munii
Country: Poland
Scope: Logo, brand identity, elements of strategy, communication elements, web
Web: https://www.munii.pl
You're good enough
Munii doesn’t only offer comfort to the youngest users, but above all – assuring parents that they are valuable and good enough. Regardless of all the struggles new parents experience, Munii ensure them that their presence is the most important element of their child’s development. It becomes a partner that understands the clients and their every-day challenges.
Brand image that makes you feel safe
We decided to base communication on simplicity, modernity, a sense of comfort and safety. We were able to create an image that corresponds with the needs of the audience. Naturalness and calmness are the main features of visual identity.
Brand strategy that helps design to glow
The brand strategy allowed to create an identity that accurately reflects the needs and expectations of the audience. Visual elements signals brand’s objectives and mission. The look we managed to achive is simple, elegant, and balanced.