Restoring the old tradition of regional brewing. For tourists and locals. This family business proudly promotes their region in a form of bottled gold.
Browar Gostynin - branding
Created in 2020 by two generations of family members united by the love for the region and craft beer. Gostynin Brewery is one of the first truly regional product with the mission to promote unique values of the area.

Take aways:

Year: 2020-21
Client: Browar Gostynin
Country: Poland
Scope: logo, packaging, illustrations, web
Team: Copy: Magda Horanin. Kasia Grzech
Targeting locals and tourists
Create the brand identity that resonates with locals and tourists. My task was to design a modern logo that reflects the craft traditions, and allow the brand copete with bigger, more popular brands. The next step was to design packaging that will give the business the right recognition and will follow the growing product portfolio.
Finding the common threads
The language used on the labels and website is informative, friendly and imaginative. It's focused on tradition, nature and region. Everything Gostynin Brewery is about.
Start of the new journey
A brand received a unique look that resonates with the local target group. As a result, owners received all assets that allow them to successfully grow their brand.