Branding project for aerial yoga and Pilates studio - a truly unique place on the map of Warsaw. Objective? To create a visual representation of the brand’s core values
Wdech Studio - branding
The only boutique studio of its kind is dedicated to women who focus on self-development, are looking for a place with a unique atmosphere, want to take care of their body and mind. The company focuses on high-quality service in the field of aerial yoga and Pilates.

Take aways:

Year: 2018
Client: Wdech Studio
Country: Poland
Scope: Logo, brand identity, elements of strategy, elements of communication
Team: -
Business goals and clients’ needs first.
The main goal was to set up a strategy and design brand identity based on a deep understanding of both – business goals and the needs of the target group. In the design process, we established the ideal customer profile, a pyramid of their needs and expectations towards the brand. On this basis, an identification was created that reflects the nature of the company.
Balance, strength and joy
‘Wdech’ means ’an inhale’ in the Polish language. Breath is the beginning and the end of everything. It plays an important role in the practice of yoga and Pilates. Identity is based on a combination of three elements – balance, joy and strength – taking care of mind, body and soul.
Calm and feminine
Studio Wdech is a place where every woman can feel comfortable and relaxed after a hard day of work. The company’s mission has been supplemented by a clear strategy and comprehensive branding that will help communicate its values and mission.