Online English school that changes your language for good, inspires, and motivates you to pursue your dreams.
OK English – brand strategy for online English school
OK English is an online language school teaching Polish students conversational language. After working years in the corporate world, Joanna decided to change her life, moved abroad, and become an English teacher. Her personal story become an inspiration for starting her business journey.

Take aways:

Year: 2020
Client: OK English
Country: UK
Scope: Strategy, branding, website
An unique, authentic voice.
The main goal of working on brand strategy was to find a way to balance a comprehensive offer with a personal and authentic approach. To prepare her returning clients for changes and establish a new information hierarchy that will be clear for new ones. The image of the company was generic and didn’t differentiate it among competitors. Finding unique assets, establish strong value propositions and the right market positioning was the key. During the final stage, we re-design a website that is the main marketing tool of the company. The new design and content had to reflect new strategy and show OK English as a dynamic and friendly school that support students during and after classes.
Support and inspire the change.
My goal was to use Joanna’s personal story and passion to attract an audience that wants to follow the same path, travel or move abroad to pursue their dreams. We managed to achieve that by using dynamic photos, a new content strategy, and language. New content formats inspire students to pursue their dreams and motivate them to change their lives through language.
Brand that encourages and supports
OK English is not only an online school, but also a virtual space for people who are ready to take action and change their lives (and language) for good.