Innovative language school helping their students to learn in a more fun and engaging way. In Language Surfing, Barcelona is your classroom – offering endless possibilities to immerse students in the language environments and traditions.
Language Surfing - Spanish language school
In times of increased mobility and cultural exchange, a competent language user is no longer satisfied with traditional textbooks. Language Surfing offers a unique methodology and fun approach to help their students to learn through full immersion. All their courses happen on the streets of beautiful Spanish cities. They partner up with artists, local vendors, and cultural institutions, so the students can deepen the language knowledge and explore Spain from a totally new angle.

Take aways:

Year: 2020-2021
Client: Language Surfing
Country: Spain
Scope: Communication Strategy, Copywriting, Website re-design, Social media posts
Keeping up with the new reality
The pandemic crises forced the school to rethink their business model to survive difficult times. Language Surfing business model was focused on real life interactions. Their students were invited to explore the city from a different angle, discovering a local life and heritage, interacting with small business owners, artists and vendors. Since Covid-19, Language Surfing could no longer follow the same model and had to find a new, engaging way to serve their clients. My role was to translate their methodology to online, find the best way to communicate their unique assets and re-design their website.
Quick fix and long-term plan
We decided to focus on communication strategy rather than rebranding. We kept the existing visual style but put more effort into finding the right language, highlighting benefits and identifying differentiating elements of the offer. Not only did we focus on making sure the new offer fits the new reality, but we also developed a long-term plan to ensure that, after the travel restriction is lifted, the company can easily promote its main services in Barcelona and Valencia. Several elements of our offer target people who are interested in Spanish culture and can benefit most from the school's unique methodology. This also helps to distinguish Language Surfing from other language schools that offer courses in Barcelona and Valencia.
Clearer communication and marketing materials
As a result, the clients gained better clarity over their communication and what information to emphasize to differentiate their brand from the competition. Organizing the content led to more user-friendly website design and better information flow. In addition, the client received a simplified brand book to help them develop their brand more consistently and clearly.