A special gift for dedicated owners and freelancers who wish to power up their business with brand strategy and design.

Don’t waste your money on gifts that won’t be remembered in a few weeks.


Choose depending on your budget,

Flexible starting date

Start of the project when its needed.

 Fully customizable

Process tailored to the business needs.

 Printable version

Send it by e-mail or print it out. You choose.

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Have you ever bought a missed present?

We all know this feeling when you buy someone a present and after a few weeks it’s catching a dust in the dark corner of the apartment.

The Ticket Gift is a universal way to show someone that you know them and care about them. It gives you an opportunity to change someone’s life and help them to find their way. 

A special Gift Tickets not only for special occasions

For a friend who starts a new business.

For a partner who struggles to grow their brand.

For a family member who wants to make a change.

Make someone happy with these Ticket Gifts

mini Ticket gift

150 EUR

Use for any service or product on the website. 

Medium ticket gift

250 EUR

Use for any service or product on the website. 

maxi ticket gift

450 EUR

Use for any service or product on the website. 

Empowering ticket gift

2200 EUR

Brand Strategy Package includes 10h of 1-on-1 sessions, Full strategy action plan ready to use to power up any travel brand. Read more about the Program.

logo ticket gift

1200 EUR

Logo Pack includes a discovery session, two versions of the logo to choose from, rounds of revisions, and more. Read more about Logo Package.

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What you should know about
Ticket Gifts

After making a payment using the option above you will receive the Gift Ticket with a unique code within 24h.

Print it out or email it to someone special and make a positive change in their life.

The person who receives a gift has a whole year to use it. He or she can schedule a free consultation with me before using the code to talk about the project.

The process of working on the project looks exactly the same as you would buy it for yourself. Make sure you check the service detail before you make the decision.

If you are not sure if the Gift Ticket is the right option you can schedule a free consultation during which I will answer your questions.

The person has 2 months to return the Gift Ticket and you will receive a full refund. Please check the terms and conditions to learn more.