Brand strategy – objectives

For the newly created brand – Munii, it was important to show its mission by creating comprhensive corporate identity. First of all, the work on startegy was focused on defining the target group – its psychographic and demographic characteristics. To better design visual identity, knowledge – what is important for their audience, what values they profess, what they are looking for – was crucial for the success of the project. The next stage was to embed these features in current trends and to find common points with the brand’s mission.

The main aspects of building the image: showing the core values, reflecting the needs of the target group, understanding their problems, aspirations and the situation they are in.

Core values of the brand

Munii understands the importance of small things and how much joy they bring. It encourages parents to embrace the moment and focus on creating bonds and spend time together.  This everyday life is worth celebrating. The brand also focuses on minimalism, which helps to see small pleasures and concentrate on what is most important.

For Munii comfort is not only the satisfaction that its products give, but above all – assuring parents that they are good and valuable. Regardless of the problems and the small failures, the most important thing is that they are present. At every moment, Munii provides comfort. Is a partner that understands parents and their struggles.

After building the strategy we could procees to creating a visual identity.


We decided to base communication on simplicity, modernity, a sense of comfort and safety. Bearing in mind the previous arrangements, we were able to create an image that corresponds to the needs of the audience. Naturalness and calmness are the main features of visual identity. Both the colors and imigary focus on minimalism and simplicity.

About brand logo design

The logo as one of the distinguishing elements of the brand has been designed in line with the objectives of brand strategy. The modern, minimalist form harmonizes with the products and corresponds to the preferences of the target group.

Elements of the logo have also become part of the pattern designed as part of visual identification, which is used on labels and packaging.

Photography is an integral part of communication. Key visuals were used to determine the style and character of photos, which can be used as inspiration for the future photo sessions. All to maintain image consistency.

Brand identity includes the use of two types of fonts – Aleo Bold – a strong serif font for headers and a Catamaran for paragraph texts.


The brand strategy, which was established at the very beginning of the work, allowed to create an identity that accurately reflects the needs and expectations of the brand’s audinece and communicates using a coherent image of the brand’s objectives and mission.


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