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How to be more efficient in creating social media posts for your travel brand

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You probably face the challenge of creating your first social media post if you just built a social media marketing strategy. Travel business owners are required to be present on most of the popular platforms today. Consequently, more time is spent preparing content for social media, scheduling it, and posting it.   

To attract the right travelers and save some time, I always advise my clients to choose wisely where their brand is present. It is likely you still have at least three channels to manage if you are selective. Obviously, this is less time-consuming than being in hundreds, but it still requires a lot of attention.   

 To help you stay engaged with your audience, I’d like to show you how to post on social media more efficiently.   

Visuals: Create consistent template designs for your social media posts

Sometimes we like to be creative and try different things. Experimenting is one way to succeed but visual consistency has even more power.

I often see travel and hospitality brands sharing their post and trying different approaches to their social media branding.  Unfortunately, it does not always work in their favor.   There are many reasons for that. One is a lack of knowledge and awareness among people without design experience. The second is following trends and copying others.

As a result, their brand’s visual representation is inconsistent. From there, it’s easy to blend in.   

 In order to remember your brand and recognize it in the future, social media users must see it seven times on average. In order for them to say it’s your business, they must make a connection between your posts. That’s why social media templates must be consistent if you want them to remember you. Otherwise, you can be losing potential customers.   

So before you start to post, make sure you have consistent social media branding.

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Visuals: Take care of the right format and quality

Social media post formatting is like navigating through a jungle. There are different requirements for each platform, so it’s easy to get lost. Your social media templates should be readable and appealing to your potential visitors, and you should always keep them up-to-date with the latest formats.   

Using high-quality photos that are sharp and vivid will also make you look more professional. If you don’t have your own image library you can always use paid or free stock photos to make your social media posts more attractive.

Remember your potential guests buy with their eyes.

Check out the latest social media posts’ formats and requirements:

Content: Start with a longer form

Creating social media posts is time-consuming. Staying on top of the game and focusing on quality content can be exhausting. Not to mention the fact that as a travel/hospitality business owner you often don’t have time and energy to come up with something new every time.

To better structure your social media posts you can start with longer formats like blog posts or vlogs. These types of content are often more elaborate and require more research, but you can be sure you’ll safe some time later.

Why longer forms are great? First of all, you are able to show your expertise and look more professional. If you decide to start with blog posts it can generate organic traffic to your website which means more potential direct bookings.

Videos work similarly. If you decide to post your video content on YouTube it can generate more exposure and redirect the users to your other channels.

  • Videos: vlogs and ‘how to…’ videos are the most popular content types on YouTube right now. People want to see their chosen destinations before they make reservations. They want to check interesting places and find out how to navigate in the new city after arrival. You can provide them with all this information on your channel and then reuse it on Facebook or Instagram.
  • Blog posts: blog articles are a great start for creating social media posts. From one elaborate article, you can create several types of content and share it on your channels. The blog is also a powerful tool to drive direct organic traffic to your website through Google searches. It’s clearly a win.
  • Interviews: after the recent changes in Google’s algorithm it became clear that websites with guest posts and interviews are more valuable for the users and are ranked higher in the search engine. You can think about inviting industry experts, local entrepreneurs, and even travelers. That’s how you will generate valuable content that then you can post on social media.

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Content: Re-use your content in the social media posts

Let’s be honest. It’s better to work smart than hard ;). And there is no shame in implementing strategies and tactics that allow you to save some time and achieve the same stunning effect.

Below I will share with you what I usually recommend to my clients and what tactics I use myself to stay at the top of the social media game.

Blog posts: a starting point to your social media posts

Above you already read why starting with the longer format is a good idea. If you don’t feel like investing your time in learning new software and buying video equipment, you can start with blog articles first.

To do it right though you need to know a couple of things. First, who is your audience, and what information do they look for? You can investigate your competition. All of these will help you rank higher on Google and also make sure your content will bring you more followers in the next stages of the process.

Facebook posts

Depending on which social media channels you decided to choose to communicate with your audience, you might want to share your content on Facebook.

There are several ways to do so. First, you can simply post a link to your article with a short text explaining what people can expect from it.

Another way is to create graphics with some quotes from the articles. You can either place it directly on the graphic or post it in the post description. Make it short and sweet.

Remember that you also have several tools to make posting easier and faster. You can use Facebook Creator Studio or an app like Later to schedule your content.

Instagram posts

You can create Instagram posts and also share them on your Facebook page. If your target audience falls in the same category on both platforms there it can work well for you. Usually using the same 1:1 ratio templates both on Instagram and Facebook work pretty well. Remember though that Instagram is mostly used on mobile. This means you have to make sure your templates are readable on small screens.

Instagram also allows you to automatically post the same content on Facebook and Instagram. This option can save you a lot of time.

Another thing to remember is that users have different habits on Facebook and Instagram. Instagram is very visual and might be less elaborate than Facebook. So check what kind of social media posts work the best for your audience on both – shorter or longer posts.


Instastories are powerful tools in your social media arsenal. Make sure you use their full potential. If you want to do it smartly you can reuse the content that you previously created.

You can record a short video telling people about your new blog posts and also tell the story behind them. What inspired you what else do you have to add to this topic? This kind of content is more engaging and you can start an interesting conversation. Add some questions, polls, and graphics.

Pinterest pins and boards

Pinterest is a perfect tool to drive more traffic to your website. It is not your typical social media platform. Actually it’s a search engine more similar to Google. Every day millions of people use Pinterest to look for visual and shopping inspirations.

In my opinion, Pinterest is also one of the most efficient and effective tools in your travel marketing arsenal.

So how to use it? Use your blog article to extract some valuable quotes. You can also reuse titles and headers with valuable key phrases. Key phrases are crucial here because Pinterest’s algorithm not only scans the description of your posts but also ‘reads’ your graphics.

Pinterest is so efficient because you can basically create several different pins from one blog post and with the right use of keywords they can generate organic traffic to your booking website.

Twitter posts

Twitter is a great place to start a meaningful conversation. Not only it’s good for sharing links to your blog posts but you can also ask questions and post meaningful quotes from the article and wait for people to respond. It’s a great way to go viral and strike the attention of people who are truly interested in your travel brand.

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