Characteristic of the company

Coodo is a small, big brand for parents who value high quality products, minimalist design and human centered business. Coodo stands in opposition to mediocrity, compromises and shortcuts. It reminds adults to celebrate every day and appreciate small things around them.

photo credits: Anita Suchocka


Coodo’s products are simple and universal. Obvious was that CI has to show the same direction. We targeted young, active parents who put functionality and quality first. Main objective was to reach desired simplicity. Additionally, all elements had to work well on different materials – textiles, paper, embroidery.

Coodo’s products are minimalistic and modern. Obvious was that logo has to show the same direction.

Magda is very committed the new tasks, she always has a lot of interesting, creative ideas that are at the same time aligned to the brand’s character. At the same time, she is able to listen to the client’s needs, is flexible and open to discussion and, what we value the most, has a lot of patience ;).

~Beata Miros – Founder of Coodo – Poland

Lookbook and postcards designed alongside labels, thank you notes and swing tags.

Brand design played a big role in showroom interior design too.


Finding balance between simplicity and friendliness helped to build image that corresponds with the brand’s strategy. We chose a logo that reflects high quality of products and company’s respect for the young users. Supporting elements refers to The Polish heritage, a simple colour palette helps to organize the communication. Beside elements listed above, in the first phase I created consistent identity including: a usage of typography, packaging, digital, lookbook, tags and labels.

Coodo’s products are minimalist and modern. Obvious was that logo has to show the same direction.


Two colours played a big role in the CI. In the next few years ochre was changed to different colours depending on a new collection.


Museo Sans is the most famous font of Jos Buivenga. It is used in two weight – 300 and 500. It gives all materials a modern and clear look.


Coodo become a unique brand on the Polish market and gained trust and sympathy of clients all around the world. Their dedication and professionalism is reflected in the branding. Designs already went through the market verification and became an important element of the brand strategy.


If you would like to see check more branding projects like this, contact me and  simply let me know what kind of projects you are interested in. I will send you my extended portfolio.